Sherry C. Nelson

I took an oil painting seminar with the amazing and very experienced Sherry and she told me I got an A+ on my bird. Every perfectionist wants to hear this type of praise! Sherry contacted me after she returned home to Arizona, giving me great feedback and encouragement. She had enough confidence in my abilities to pass my name to the editor at The Decorative Painter magazine.

Lynde Mott

I had the privilege of receiving a personal tour of Lynde's home. It just took my breath away and make my heart beat fast! I love the way her mind and her brush work. She is incredibly creative and resourceful and works in various media, primarily oil. Now you can see photos of her amazing home on her website. She also has fine art originals and prints.

Sandy Maudlin

I took a three-day seminar in tape batik technique from Sandy, who works wonders in watercolor. She is a great designer and knowledgeable teacher. I love how she experiments and pushes the edge of what she knows, trying new things and improving on previous works.