My name is Julia and I work from my home studio in Zionsville, Indiana. I specialize in calligraphy and decorative painting. I enjoy creating limited edition pieces and taking commissions for original works on paper, walls, canvas, board, furniture, pottery--whatever will hold still.

I come from a big family where creativity is relished, beautiful things are appreciated, and craftsmanship is impeccable. When we get together we do projects.

I garden, eat healthy food before I eat cookies, make my own bread, dance for exercise, and serve at church and at my kids' schools. I work at feeding others. I am thrilled that God blesses people through me.

David and I have been married for over twenty years and we have four amazing children. All of us think the world is fascinating and just can't seem to stop learning. We are good at part singing and looking up things we wonder about. We enjoy traveling to family get-togethers, parks, ethnic restaurants, museums, and through life together.

Currently I serve on the board of the Calligraphy Guild of Indiana and I am a member of the Society of Decorative Painters and its local chapter, Indy Decorative Artists. I have taught calligraphy to children and adults. I have a bachelor's degree in design. I have some experience in prepress design for offset and silkscreen printing. My work has been published.

Grand vistas, high notes sung with ease, and seeing flowers up close take my breath away. Things that are beautiful and well designed make me smile. My favorite color is a medium spring green but I love all the colors; each is different and valuable, like people. I find deep fulfillment in creating artwork and count it an added blessing that others are inspired by it!