• Lynde Motte

    Lynde is a lovely person and astoundingly talented fine artist. I want her to come paint and decorate my house like she has painted hers! If you go to Lynde’s website you will see this olive leaf motif in her home.

  • Roz Webb

    I made this card for a calligraphy exchange after I had taken a six-week class on versals (big decorated letters). It has various papers, ribbons, and cord.

  • Fran Herr

    I designed this card after a class where I painted sunflowers on an apron. I used Prismacolors, a pigma pen, and Higgins Eternal ink.

  • Heather

    I enjoyed figuring out how to weave the E between the two Hs and cut the letters out to do so.

  • Doris Sisk

    I love to make custom greeting cards and do so regularly, often as part of a calligraphy exchange through my guild. I cut out the initials with an X-acto knife.

  • Barbara Berger

    This was another calligraphy exchange card. This time I incorporated folk painting in my favorite palette of colors.

  • Butterflies

    I made a fun book for a friend in my calligraphy guild who is crazy about butterflies. It had all kinds of pocket pages and this was the insert for page 17.

  • Winter Night

    I found a basic template for this ingenious card in a book but adapted it for this winter scene. There are so many ways to enjoy it! One thing that makes it work is having paper that is a different color on either side.