• Elise

    I stayed with my Colorado niece for a week and had a blast painting in her aqua and purple room. She helped design the artwork and insisted on some pink butterflies to go with her name.

  • Spencer & Taylor

    These boys love animals and each picked his two favorites to incorporate into his name. The older one even designed the lettering he wanted me to use!

  • Pink Alyssa

    Alyssa, age 12, started with some fun and funky paisley bedding. I simply held a pillowcase in my hand and sketched some designs from it around the room and painted them in to match.

  • Ella & Sara

    Ella and Sara are six year-old identical twins and their mom had this basic idea for their bedroom. We took some flower ideas off the bedding and I created seven different spots in the room where there were different flowers in an arrangement. They all loved the finished product!

  • Awake My Sons

    This boys’ room scripturally addresses their inner warrior! I used blue brush lettering for the main quote and tone on tone for the individual armed body parts.

  • Blue Animals

    These blue-on-blue animals were chosen by the boys who occupy the room. I modified artwork from different sources to make them all the same expressive line art style.

  • Reilly & Jonathan

    This room is shared by a boy and a girl. They already had cute bedding with a bug theme and I randomly painted their favorite bugs around the room. Dry brushed names and some grass and flowers finish it off.

  • Lauren

    Lauren, age 10, loves her cats and wrote her own poem about them! One is chasing a mouse while the other hangs around.