• A Little More Kind

    When the owners of this older home remodeled, they bought a special area rug designed by a friend. It was filled with stylized sunflowers in many colors. We used these same colors in the adjacent entryway to remind those coming and going to be a little better.

  • The Lord Is My Shepherd

    A gracious retired couple moved to a new home and wanted to really make it their own. Each chose their favorite short Bible verse for the arches leading into their living room. They wanted the lettering colorful because the house is so light and neutral.

  • Bless All Who Enter

    This family had a grape motif going in different parts of their home and the grapevine made a great embellishment on this entryway arch.

  • Love at Home

    The family in this Illinois home chose hymn lyrics for their entryway. The mom loves a crabapple tree in the front yard and that was the inspiration for the branches painted in the background.

  • A House of God

    This awesome entryway at my sister's house has several doorways leading in and out of it. The inspirational verse she chose starts with the illuminated "O" on the stairway and continues with one phrase over each door or arch. It fit perfectly! The metallic paint is exciting because it catches the light differently depending on where you are standing and the time of day.

  • We Are Born to Make Manifest

    My goal here was to maximize the triangular shape of this entryway wall. The flourishes are tailored to fit in it.

  • Rowley Home

    This family has their children’s wedding photos up in a vaulted entryway. The date the parents were married is written across the family name.