• Indianapolis Temple Sampler

    The original of this piece hangs in the home of Paul and Mona Sinclair. Elder Sinclair was the chairman for the Indianapolis, Indiana LDS Temple Open House, Dedication, and Cultural Celebration. Scott Sauder, his executive secretary, and Scott's wife Annette wanted to give him a gift at the culmination of this huge endeavor. I volunteered frequently at the open house, enabling me to study the motifs which I have incorporated into the work. This piece can be hand embellished with 23 karat gold and a name can be added to personalize it.

  • Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him

    "Oh, Come, Let Us Adore Him" was inspired and oh, so fun to do. It was sort of commissioned by my youngest sister, whose name I drew for Christmas. She wanted me to make a piece of Christmas calligraphy and get it printed for others to be able to purchase and enjoy. The text is all three verses of the carol "Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful." It includes an explanation sheet of the symbols depicted in it.

  • Obedience

    A missionary couple commissioned this work as a gift for the mission president. I designed it in the style of the resolutions and certificates of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

  • Our Doubts

    In preparation for my first solo exhibit, I wanted to create a non-religious print and have always liked this Shakespeare quote. I had so much fun doing the "Obedience" piece that I used some of the same ideas in this piece.

  • Christmas Wreaths

    I decided it was time to start in on some Christmas cards that I could print a lot of, so I began with fitting favorite Christmas words into a wreath shape, which turned into the green wreath. I decided to make a peace wreath appropriate for any religion and added two kinds of gold leaf to it. I kicked it up a notch and created the black wreath, which contains 36 different Christmas songs and was the runaway favorite the first year.

    Christmas Carol Wreath

    Jesus Christmas Wreath

    Peace On Earth Wreath

  • Sabbath Day

    I created this piece at the request of my brother-in-law for his LDS stake (congregation of over 1000 people). Each family received a print. I completed it in just four days amid my family's busy schedule, an amazing feat for such an involved piece. The print includes an explanation of the symbols I included in it. I also did the same piece in Spanish.

  • Molten Gold

    This quote had fascinated me for a long time and I knew one of my sisters loved it as well, so I came up with this interpretation of it for her birthday. She had recently remodeled her home and I chose compatible colors. She ran out to get it framed the day it came in the mail!

  • Mandala Sampler

    I am somewhat obsessed with mandalas - I think there are a million of them in me! Here are some of a series I did and mounted in a handmade book.

  • JFT Embossed Mandala

    I decided to make this piece for me/or anyone else with the initials JFT. I designed and cut a stencil, embossed my initials eight times around a center point, and then filled in with some pointed pen flourishes.

  • My Neighbor's Bible

    This combination of a scripture and a poem was commissioned by a woman who wanted a unique gift for a close male friend. She was excited about flourishing, so I made the flourishes heavy enough to be a border.

  • Circular Christ the Lord

    I have been enjoying this piece for many Christmases and still love how it delivers the message of the classic carol, "Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful."

  • Christmas Star

    This Christmas present for a sister is one of my favorites. It contains nine different styles of calligraphy and numerous cutouts and dimensional features like cotton sheep. It is done in gouache, ink, and Prismacolor. I used composite gold leaf on the stars and origami paper on the wise men. I know the poem because it was set to the tune of "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly" and I learned the song as a child.

  • Learn

    This gift for my dad displays a quote that he loves about learning and also incorporates symbols of values, traits, and lessons I have learned from him.

  • Who You Are

    This piece began as an experiment during a brush lettering class I was taking. A friend saw it and had to have it for her living room. I borrowed it back to use as my first entry ever in the Indiana State Fair - and won second place in the professional division.

  • Called to Serve

    I was commissioned to do two of these pieces for a woman and her friend who both had sons doing missionary service at the same time. I made the color schemes fit with each person's existing decor.

  • Lusk Wedding

    When friends get married, I like to give them something that will last longer than a toaster. I have created several commemorative wedding pieces over the years.

  • Kathy Sampler

    Kathy is a mentor and friend of mine in the Calligraphy Guild of Indiana. I was having way too much fun with styles and color!