• Garden Bounty Mural

    My Wisconsin brother-in-law loves to grow a huge garden and this is a sampling of what comes out of it. I looked at his seed catalogues to get more accurate forms than the pictures in my mind. I had drawn up the mural for the other side of this archway between the kitchen and the dining room but they moved!

  • Beehive

    This fun project over a kitchen window incorporates the client’s love of bees and beehives. I looked at a few pictures she found and added the flowers and inspirational words. She decided that bees ought to be flying all around their kitchen, so I painted them in strategic spots for the grandkids to find!

  • The Most Important Things

    A brief and simple reminder about how important each person is. The names of family members are written in a very subtle white on either side of the quote.

  • The Be's

    This family has these “be”s encircling their kitchen to encourage them to be a bit better.

  • We Gather Together

    The woman who commissioned this piece is a caterer and loves to entertain. This piece is in the dining area between the kitchen and the family room.