• Wall of Values

    I was talking with the mom at this house about how to hang the photos of her children and every way we considered seemed predictable -- until we added some words! Now the family is reminded of their values whenever they pass this wall.

  • For the Time Cometh

    Combining a verse with an existing work of art can have a powerful effect. I used several browns randomly in the lettering with a few gold highlights.

  • Families are Forever

    This one is clean and simple, for my sister-in-law who likes symmetry and clarity. She answers my tax questions and I paint her wall! We are grateful for each other’s talents.

  • Family Tree

    This monumental project showcases six generations complete with full names, birth and death years, and sepia photographs.

  • Wright Family

    This client wanted a fun design spilling over the tall archway in her Arizona home. I looked at the upholstery chair shown in the photo and other patterns in the room to get ideas for floral and leaf motifs. She had also wanted their family name up high on the wall and had purchased some vinyl lettering to put there. When it wouldn’t stick, I just painted the name and a matching vine from the archway design—much better!

  • Every Child is an Artist

    This lettering graced the wall of Pottery By You, a paint-your-own pottery studio in Indianapolis, until they moved to the space next door.

  • Peace Be Still

    The title of this painting has a great message on its own but both pieces of artwork together make an impressive statement.

  • Thou Shalt Thank

    For this effect I squirt five or six colors on my palette and dip randomly in them. It’s a nice way to add color to a room without adding images. I used a pointed brush and Italic letterforms.