• Engraving

    During fragrance events and before major holidays I have done engraving at Saks Fifth Avenue. While I am there, anything purchased in the store can be personalized at no charge to the customer. Most things I have engraved have been fragrance bottles but I have also done candles, watches, snow globes, lipstick cases, compacts, picture frames, and a stainless steel cutting board case.

  • Folk Bench

    My friend had a spot in her family room that needed an accent piece, but she also needed more seating there. She found an unfinished bench and I incorporated motifs from fabric that was already in the room. She wanted a Scandinavian influence and colors pulled from adjacent rooms.

  • Bowl and Plates

    Adult children in this family first asked me to paint a pasta/salad bowl as a gift for their parents. The mother liked it so much that she commissioned the eight small plates to match.

  • Friendship Chair

    This is my 2014 donation to the CHAIRish the Children auction. I always like to add words to my paintings and looked for a quote that had a good visual hook in it. I remembered seeing a mural of lemons on the wall of a cooking school in Italy that inspired me and added other stylized fruit to the mix. My friend Debbie, who was interested in learning to paint, joined me for some of my painting sessions on this chair. She has since moved on to portraits in oils!

  • The Christmas Words Chair

    I decided to go for a Christmas theme as I painted my CHAIRish the Children auction piece for 2015. I have explored a similar theme with my wreaths in the frameable art section of my website. I have always used a brush to letter on furniture but thought a pen might work if I used FW acrylic, which has an inklike consistency. I experimented with some different nibs before using a Nikko G. In addition to the normal acrylics, I used a metallic yellow for the balls.

  • The DP Chair

    I've had the fantastic opportunity to have the editors at The Decorative Painter magazine ask me to design and paint this storage chair. It appears in the 4th quarter issue of 2012.

  • Van

    My friend Hernan got a van and asked me to paint it. I have always wanted to paint on a vehicle!

  • Self Help Stool

    This was my first venture into painting for the 'CHAIRish the Children' auction, a benefit organized by The Villages for abused and neglected children in Indiana, where I live. It is entitled "Self Help" and has lots of verbs to inspire and motivate you as you sit on it! I suspended the pieces of wood in the middle with fishing line so it has a mobile effect. A friend of mine in the Calligraphy Guild decided she couldn't live without it and her husband bought it at the auction!

  • Character Counts Stool

    After seeing my 'Self Help' stool, this client wanted a tangible values reminder for her third-grade class. She found an affordable black stool and I lettered the words on with oil-based paint pens. The hard part was getting all the words to fit just right!

  • Flowers Rocker

    This is the second chair I painted for the 'CHAIRish the Children' auction to benefit abused and neglected children in the state of Indiana. I previously took a fabric painting class where I painted a jacket with the design you see on the seat. That design is not mine but I liked the multicolored bouquet so much that I decided to paint it again. I added the rest of the flowers and several quotes about flowers.

  • Anniversary Platters

    These two platters were done in the same year, celebrating the 50th wedding anniversaries of my friend's parents and her husband's parents. What a milestone!

  • Personalized Pottery

    This was a result of one marathon session at Pottery By You. I was commissioned to paint these dishes for holiday gifts from a judge to his assistants.